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NZ Aquabots


New Zealand Aquabots

Underwater remotely operated vehicles

Since the first competition in 2013 NZ Aquabots have grown to over 40 teams competing locally with regional competitions in Westport, Masterton, Rotorua, and Auckland. They’ve also sent four teams to the USA to compete in the international Sea Perch competition that their competition is based on.

Teams of students have to first build their aquabot and then compete against other teams in a variety of underwater obstacle courses and salvage tests. A presentation to judges is also part of the competition. The aquabot kits are put together in New Zealand using 15mm pressure pipe and fittings sourced from P&F Global.

If you'd like to see their competition in action, go along to the Richmond pool in Nelson on 4 November. They are always on the lookout for interested parties and volunteers!

Take a look at one of their competitions in action here:

Amy Cornelisen
Chief Inspiration Officer
NZAquaBots Programme Coordinator
Ministry of Inspiration


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