To meet your needs we supply quick quotes, same day dispatch, urgent freight tracking and a friendly, helpful customer service team.

We carry a lot of stock. (Around 250,000 units.) Among it the most innovative and hard-to-find fittings held anywhere.

We also have the widest range of culvert piping in New Zealand, and this country’s most comprehensive selection of PVC fittings. 

In addition to that, bulk purchasing on common stock ranges will help every job you do, come in on time, and on budget.

Even better, freight on fittings is free on orders over $100 and pipe orders over $300. (All + GST and some conditions apply.)

And we offer express deliveries, so nothing holds you up, thanks to depots in Invercargill, Christchurch and Auckland. 

We’re also honest with you. So, if we mess up, we’ll apologise and fix it right away. 

EzyAs Advice1

Ezyas Advice

Increases sales, reduces down-time and decreases delivery hassles.

Now getting drainage delivered directly from the depot onto the farm is Ezyas.

Use our vast experience and wide product knowledge to make the best product choice – then we’ll organise a freighting solution.

We’ll aim to have the price and delivery time frame confirmed back to you in just two hours.

As part of our Ezyas product knowledge we've created a glossary of drainage terms for you which firstly defines the term and then points you to the right place on our website. Download our glossary here.  

Ezyas Delivery

Our team of dedicated freight trackers specialize in working with freight companies to get the product delivered on time. We’ll be behind the scenes ensuring seamless delivery.

As a bonus we will also pay 50% of the freighting cost to get the product onto the farm.

That’s less handling for you and quicker delivery for the customer. 

Ezyas Payment

Ezyas Payments works by putting the purchase onto your customer’s account at your branch meaning a sale for you & reduced paperwork.

It’s also simpler for your customer with no need for a separate invoice, bank transaction or credit card charge.



“I have used P&F Global for one of my clients (an ex-All Black) and he was
thrilled at how P&F Global delivered direct to site within a day’s notice.
Always good genuine customer service, and friendly to deal with.”

Peter Hopkins, Christchurch