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DWV and Stormwater FAQ's

Do you have flood gates available?

No you are best to talk to your local engineer to make one up.

Do you have splitter boxes available?

Yes we do, for more details see our catalogue.

Can you install the inline flap valve vertically (795-100)

No as it relies on gravity to seal off.

Can we get 100mm down pipe in black?

Our 100mm pipe is white in a matte finish. We don't have black pipe available in 100mm. For more details on our full DWV range, please see our catalogue.

Do you have 150mm PVC pipe?

Yes we do, in our DWV, Stormwater and Pressure Pipe range, all of which are PVC pipes, for more details see our DWV and Stormwater catalogue or our Pressure Systems catalogue.

Do you keep a galvanised holderbats roughly 180-200mm?

Our Holderbats are aluminum not galv steel. We do have an aluminum holder bat suitable for DWV/Stormwater pipe with an outside diameter of 200mm (Nominal Bore 175mm).

Do you have brackets or pipe clamps?

We have a range of different, clips, clamps and brackets suitable for 80mm pipe. To view our full range, please view our catalogue, specifically page 15 and 16.

Do you have 15 degree Stormwater or DWV Bend?

Yes we do, click the following link to view our full range catalogue.

Do you have info on your slide valves?

Sure thing, click the following link to view our brochure.

What is the largest PVC pipe you sell?

400mm is the largest diameter PVC pipe we sell, it is found in the Gateway Range (we do sell PE Euroflo pipe in diameters up to 2100 dia if required) Click here for the Gateway Range.

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