EUROFLO® Culvert Pipe

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Made in Europe, EUROFLO is one of the strongest plastic pipes on the market. Easy to handle, maintenance and rust free, EUROFLO is also resistant to chemically aggressive soil conditions.

EUROFLO is a twin walled culvert pipe made in Europe from HDPE (high density polyethelene). This premium grade product is the only culvert pipe in New Zealand that has a double ribbed exterior for extra strength.  The interior sports a smooth bore for superior flow as well as ensuring there is less internal silt build-up. EUROFLO is manufactured to last for 100 years in New Zealand conditions.

Why choose EUROFLO?

EUROFLO is a versatile, strong culvert pipe that is suited for rural, commercial, civil, industrial and residential use. Use it on your farm, house, forestry, mine or highway. It is light and easy to handle, both on site and in transport. The long 5.8 metre lengths each have a socket on one end for easy joining.

Cut in ½ lengthways, EUROFLO can be used for stock troughs and fluming. Also available is a durable PVC fabric fluming product. Fluming can preserve your embankments by directing discharge from culverts to the desired outlet. The PVC fabric fluming is available to fit 100mm to 900mm pipe.

EUROFLO comes in a range of nominal stiffness from SN2 through SN4, SN8 and SN16. Stock comes in a wide range of sizes from 160mm diameter through to 2150mm. Stock is held in stores throughout New Zealand supplied by stock locations in Auckland, Christchurch and Invercargill.

EUROFLO Slotted Pipe allows you to fill in open drains without losing any ground drainage. Eliminate stock losses and comply with your environmental responsibilities to protect waterways. The slotted pipe also comes in 5.8 metre lengths and is available in sizes from 160mm to 630mm diameter.

EUROFLO Go-In System is a fast and user-friendly, cost effective system that connects Euroflo pipe to sumps, galleries, breather pipes and main drains. Install branches after the main pipe has been placed and vertical installations can be done even when the water is flowing.

EUROFLO Fittings available include rubbers, sealing adaptors, holesaw, sealing rings, reducers, bends and junctions.

Smoothbore Drainage Coils are a smooth bore coil and comes in both punched and unpunched. The smooth bore helps with fast flow and helps eliminate silt build-up. The smoothbore drainage coils come in 110mm diameter in lengths of 25m and 50m.

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Easy to install instructions can be found in the catalogue PDF below. When installing your culvert pipe it is best to ensure the socket end of the pipe faces upstream and the end of the pipe projects out to prevent erosion of backfill downstream.

For a full list of our range of drainage pipes, PVC systems and more, open the full product catalogue found in the Resources box.



“Very happy with the service P&F GLOBAL has given me, product is all coming as it
should.They helped us win a big job with Carterton District Council, they are very
good to deal with and the product is excellent. I have had a couple of customers who
have chosen to use Euroflo because it is so strong and they won’t use anything else.”

Mike. Farmlands Greytown