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We stock a wide range of products from coils of punched and unpunched drainage pipe to a complete range of fittings, blue hose and submersible pump pipe.

Drainaway pipe comes in both punched and unpunched coils in lengths of 15m to 100m. Sizes include 65mm, 110mm and 160mm. Use punched coils as an economical solution to drain wet ground, and install it in commercial gutters to stop leaves and hail accumulating. Unpunched coils are great for cost-effective ducting, or conveying of stormwater.

The smooth bore eurocoil drainaway pipe comes in both punched and unpunched and features a smooth bore for faster flow. The smooth bore also helps eliminate silt build-up. The eurocoils come in 110mm diameter in lengths of 25m and 50m.

If you are looking for slotted culvert pipe for larger projects, EUROFLO culvert pipe may be what you are looking for. Sizes start at 160mm and they come in lengths of 5.8m. 

Blue hose is a good general-purpose hose for suction and discharge and is applied widely in uses such as diesel fuels, lubricating oils, mineral oils and transformer oils. Blue hose also features a smooth bore and is light and flexible, durable alternative to rubber hose. Read more about this product here.

Submersible pump pipe is used an alternative to galvanised pipe in wells. Lead-free, it's safe for potable water systems and as uPVC is immune to galvanic and electrolytic corrosion, both pipe and water passing through remain uncontaminated. Lightweight, fast and easy to install it’s a durable, long-life water-supply solution for household, industry, lift irrigation and agriculture applications. 

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